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About us

We are a firm, specialized in all human resources sub-systems.

It was born on November 5, 2005 as a response to a latent need for a company dedicated to offering all HR services in the City of Santiago de los Caballeros and surrounding areas of the Dominican Republic.

RHCA Meaning:

It is an acronym for Castilian Human Resources, old name. Pronounced RHKA

Its founder is Lic. Anadelka Castellanos, she has more than 20 years of experience in the area and experience in other areas such as Administration, Marketing and Sales.

RHCA, Human Resources Consultants, of the Dom. Rep. "Strategic, Personalized & Professional Advice".




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Human Resources


We offer:

O Talent hunter, consists of directly searching the profile, without the need to use recruitment.


"Place out", It consists of relocating a person to another job.

We offer this service for companies that, for some reason, must unlink one or more good employees.

Recruitment Of Personnel
For companies of all sizes, we look for the right staff according to the required needs. We offer the complete process of recruitment and evaluation of personnel, such as:
  • Deep interview
  • Psychometric evaluation
  • Labor debugging
  • Evaluation of technical skills.
  • Others
We offer three final candidates for selection.
Three-month warranty. The cost for the service will depend on the profile.           

Trainings in the HR area


We train the employee that the company considers to fill the position of Enc. of HR.

The candidate must have the attitude, be a student of the term of Business Administration or Organizational Psychology and some administrative experience to occupy said position. ( For companies with less than 50 employees).

The training lasts 44 hours. And it is taught 4 hours a day.

The employee will learn how human resources are managed within a company, managing communications to the MT, payroll, performance evaluations and others.

You equalize in Human Resources for companies with less than 50 employees.
If your company is growing, it is good that all employees have the appropriate follow-up, with an external HR department.

We offer within the same: recruitment and selection of personnel, according to need. Up-to-date records of employees. Performance evaluations; Updates of positions and procedures manuals. Handling of documentation to the MT. Coordination of courses according to the needs with the infotep

Maintaining a favorable climate to work. Employee terminations.


  • It does not accumulate labor benefits, nor expenses for tss and Afp

  • Employees feel more motivated.

  • The payment is monthly.

  • The savings to the company is very noticeable.

The HR department must be external. It cannot be a judge, nor a party .


We offer vacancies for different areas of work.

Applicants must meet the requirements of the vacancy for which they are applying for their CV to be taken into account. No cost.

Interested parties should send their CV, specifying the vacancy of their interest to the email address:

Performance evaluations

We carry out:

Performance appraisals, according to records. The observation time is three months, and it is done in coordination with the immediate boss.

360 degree evaluation.

The 360 ​​degree evaluation is also known as a comprehensive evaluation.

It consists of everyone evaluating each other together. Contributions are made anonymously. This is intended to improve the performance of all employees. Each employee will receive the results of his evaluation and those who will evaluate are the bosses, colleagues, subordinates and internal clients or others.

This tool is increasingly used by modern organizations. The main uses for 360 degree evaluation are as follows:
• Measure the performance of the staff.
• Measure Competencies.
• Design Development Programs.

  • Other

Work Climate Assessments

If your company is rotating its staff a lot in recent months,

your work environment urgently needs to be evaluated.

These evaluations are carried out as follows:

Anonymous surveys segmented by departments, depending on the size of the company, to be effective.

The evaluation of the working environment of a company should not be carried out by an internal department of the company or by the company's HR department, but by an external organization, so that the data is really valid. The surveys will be filled out manually by each employee, in this way less time is lost than through software and the results

they are more reliable.

Psychometric Evaluations

We apply psychological tests for the selection of personnel.

The tests allow to measure the aptitudes of the people and serve as complements to the interviews. They are extremely useful because they help to verify the capacity, skill and ability of the candidate for a certain position. Also, we apply personality and intelligence tests.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

 We carry out customer surveys for large, medium and small companies, in order to improve the service offered by a certain company and to know how comfortable they feel with the service offered.


Organizational Development                                For new, small expanding businesses; and medium.

Organizational development involves the entire organizational part, such as: job description manuals, procedures manuals, Induction manuals for new employees, internal regulations or standards and policies, departmental organization charts, industrial safety and hygiene manuals, salary administration , job creation, job evaluations, work climate evaluations, payroll, others.


We carry out the complete recruitment and selection process for new companies and everything concerning the Ministry of Labor and Tss.


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¨To be the leading company in human resources in the Dom. Rep. ¨; recognized for the quality, innovation and seriousness in its services, not only nationally, but also internationally.

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Av. Juan Pablo Duarte, Plaza Dhayoma, 2nd Level, Mod. 2-2, Corner Pinos de Villa Olga, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dom.

Phone: 1-809724-3674

Cell .: 1-809-383-6032

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Founded in 2005 by Lic. Anadelka Castellanos de Saint-Hilaire General Director


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